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Cloud Based e-Learning Development

Why Cloud e-Learning?

Cloud computing is everywhere in the modern world. Anyone who has ever lost their mobile phone will be thankful that the data was magically stored in the cloud preventing losing contact with friends forever.

cloud based online e-learning development

It is not just data storage where cloud computing shows its effectiveness, companies are progressively moving all company software onto the cloud to aid collaboration between parties. Anyone that has worked on a project with more than one stakeholder using cloud based systems, will have realised the benefits of sharing in the cloud. The cloud saves time and allows everyone to reference the same source of data. This is particularly important within an e-learning project where project members usually derive from a multitude of disciplines so the need to review, share and collaborate across departments can only be truly achieved with a single cloud-based system. Jackdaw Cloud will not only improve the quality and speed of development, it will also make your development process far more efficient.

The Advantages of Jackdaw Cloud?

Jackdaw Cloud enables this collaboration process to happen seamlessly. Advantages include:

  • Just in time visibility to entire project team
  • No software installation
  • No licence fees necessary
  • Design changes can be made by all
  • Permissions can be set for team members
  • Instant publishing

Experience from e-Learning WMB has shown that project timescales can be halved through the benefits of cloud e-learning. In fact try Jackdaw Cloud and on productivity benefits alone you will wonder how you managed to work effectively before.

Next Step...?

Jackdaw Cloud is entirely free to use, you pay only for courses you use. Why not create an account with Jackdaw Cloud today else you can see the next step on why the completely unique 3D e-learning Jackdaw Cloud creates is the most effective way of teaching.

If you would like a tour of the system then contact us (, to arrange an appointment.