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Free Online Authoring

Is this free online learning...?

Jackdaw Cloud is essentially a free tool for creating e-learning online, you only pay if want to rollout the learning to trainees.

How is the System Priced?

Jackdaw Cloud can be purchased in one of two ways (Pay as You Go v's Membership) - see the Purchasing section for further details.

The most important aspect of this is that there are no cost barriers to using Jackdaw itself - it is a free online authoring system for e-learning. Whether you plan on having a small design team or all the employees in a multi-national company using the same online learning system, there is no cost to use Jackdaw Cloud.

free online e-learning authoring solution, pay for what is published only

What are the Ramifications of Free Online Editing?

Jackdaw Cloud can be shared in a number of ways which helps learning and development teams work online in a way not possible with licensed software. These include:

  • Edits can be made online by the client
  • Construction of quick prototypes which can be edited by all
  • Jackdaw Cloud acts as a Content Management System enabling clients to maintain their own learning online for free

There really is nothing stopping you from creating your free online learning account and start using Jackdaw Cloud immediately.

Next Step...?

Alternatively if you are an experienced programmer or e-learning designer, see the next section on what Jackdaw can offer the more advanced e-Learning developer.

If you would like a tour of the online learning system then contact us (, to arrange an appointment.