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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

"Mobile Learning" (or "M Learning") refers to any learning carried out on your mobile device. In practice this means learning on your tablet or smart phone.

Most smart phones have browsers which can run mobile learning and their respective learning management systems but this creates a whole new set of problems. The small screen dimensions make reading standard 14pt text impossible on a mobile device and buttons become hard to differentiate and click on cleanly. In short a whole new approach needs to be taken to tackle mobile learning effectively.

Mobile Learning authoring in the Cloud using Jackdaw Cloud software

Jackdaw Cloud with its highly graphical approach is an ideal solution for carrying out mobile learning on your phone or tablet. Furthermore the system bundles the entire course into a downloadable app so there is no need for a broadband connection to run the mobile learning. Data can be collected with its integrated Mobile Learning Management System translator and data can be fed directly back to the Learning Management System on our servers.

Example M-Learning Project

The following demonstrates how Mobile Learning works using Jackdaw Cloud:

Mobile learning (m-learning) is e-learning on an iPhone or android phone

The developed Mobile Learning course has been downloaded onto the smartphone. The user can simply delete the mobile App when they have have completed the training as the training records will all be stored on the cloud.

Mobile Learning apps record data to our mobile Learning Management System Open Elms

The user can choose to simply run the mobile learning course or record data in the Learning Management System (Jackdaw's integrated mobile Learning Management System - Open Elms Pro works out of the box but can be customised to work with other LMSs.)

the Mobile Learning user logs in using e-learning WMB's Open ELms to synch data on the cloud

The user logs in using the same user name and password into the Mobile Learning they have been supplied to access their e-Learning on their PC.

Mobile Learning courses are run on android and iPhones

The course is selected and it can then be run on the mobile device.

Mobile Learning uses video presenters to give e-learning a memorable quality

e-Learning WMB's unique style of e-learning development ideally suits the mobile device's interface. Seeing a presenter walk across your smartphone has a sort of magic to it. This is training that won't easily be forgotten.

Mobile Learning available on IPhone IOS or Android App Stores search for e-learning WMB

To view some sample courses created using Jackdaw Cloud, visit Android or Apple App Stores and search for "e-Learning WMB". Download any course to see how Jackdaw Cloud can get your mobile workforce learning wherever they are.

Jackdaw Cloud mobile learning is available any Jackdaw Cloud user. Create a course as per normal and we will then export a branded version of the App that will connect directly with your own Learning Management System. The cost for App production is £1,000/$1,500 per app and is available for the Apple and Android platforms. Contact us for further details on how to get your first App online.

Next Step...?

Jackdaw Cloud is entirely free to use, you pay only for courses you use. Why not create a account today else you can see the next step on how to integrate your course with a Learning Management System and start recording data.

If you would like a tour of the system then contact us (, to arrange an appointment.