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Online Learning Integration

How to Integrate your Jackdaw Course with a online Learning Management System (LMS)

Online Learning Management Systems are key to a successful roll-out of any course line; these systems record data and let you manage trainees through the online learning process. Jackdaw Cloud users have two choices when rolling out their learning online:

  • Automatically publish courses online into Jackdaw Cloud's integrated online Learning System - Open Elms
  • Import the course into your own Learning Management System - following the SCORM v1.2 standard

The second option is only available with membership rather than the pay as you go option. See the purchasing options for further details.

Further information about Online Learning with Open Elms Pro

The system was specifically built for business needs since standard online Learning Management Systems have been designed for and by the education sector. The e-learning requirements for education are significantly different to business (course tracking v's employee and task management); Open Elms Pro factors these considerations into the design to produce an online Learning system that is fully configurable but easy to use.

The result is Open Elms Pro.

Our LMS enables the tracking of e-learning at three different levels:

User Level
Online Learning Managed with Open ELms Pro

The user can monitor the online learning, recording which courses have been visited and completed by viewing the tracking menu at the left hand side of the training. By pressing view Results they can see further details such as the time they last visited each screen, how long the trainee was learing online and what, if any, score they got on each question.

Manager (Reporter) Level
Learning Management System tracks online Learning

Managers of departments can monitor the progress the online learning of any trainees under them. Full tracking details are available to enable them to monitor their e-learning progress.

Administrator Level
Administrator uses Learning Management System to assign users to the online learning

The administrator can log in online and set up departments, assign permissions to users and generally administer the learning system.

Try Open ELms today

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Alternatively review the next step which explains how Jackdaw Cloud's unique pricing model which is designed to create no fiscal barriers from democratising e-learning creation throughout an organisation.